Hi, my name is Adelina and I am the founder and designer of Acadelle. I decided to create this platform in the hopes of building a lovely community of compassionate people who love animals, the environment and who want to spread kindness and good vibes around the world.

It all started about 5 years ago, when I discovered veganism and decided to adopt a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle. I was so pumped, ready to change the world and wanted everybody else to know! Which is why I started looking for cute vegan clothing that represented my personality and my vegan lifestyle.

However, I couldn't find anything that I liked or related to! Many of the vegan designs at the time were quite pushy and aggressive and not at all representative of what veganism stands for. Then it hit me - I had a creative background and I knew exactly what goes on in my life as a vegan! So I started designing things that us vegans relate to - our struggles, inside jokes, favourite foods, passion for the movement and love for the animals and environment.

This is why I'm confident you'll find that special something you've been looking for, right here; that message which completely aligns with your beliefs, interests and passions - all of that is here.

Furthermore, the wide variety of products makes it possible for you to surround yourself with your favourite items, no matter where you are; whether you're drinking your coffee in the morning, starting the day with the lovely message on your coffee mug, or if you're cooking something delicious while wearing your gorgeous vegan-themed apron, or maybe going out wearing your favourite vegan tee or hoodie - all of that is possible.

We all want to show our passions and interests in different ways, which is why I launched my designs on a wide range of products, which will be getting more and more comprehensive. So no matter how you love expressing yourself, I've got you covered!

Finally, there is a very important aspect that needs mentioning. Whenever you buy something from Acadelle, a percentage of that purchase will go towards animal sanctuaries and environmental charities. I strongly believe in giving back and supporting the things that convinced us to adopt a vegan lifestyle and made our lives so much better. So when you're buying from Acadelle, you're helping me help them. Thank you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me by using the contact form or by emailing me at hello@acadelle.com.



Adelina xo

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